Shipping Policy

Fully Needed partners with global merchants and manufacturers to provide you the best prices and the latest gadgets. This means that your order is shipped from global areas such as the US, Germany, France, Thailand, India, China, etc. via our partnership with a variety of courier services, including USPS for the States and local postal services from your country, wherever you are from.

Since we ship directly from our partners in these countries, your item may take 7-18 days to arrive if you are from the States, Europe or Australia, and 2 - 4 weeks if you are from other countries. For many of our products, we offer shipping times of 5 - 12 days, but it does depend on each item and its location and also on the time of year.

Please bear in mind that sometimes courier delays can occur, and if this does happen then shoot us an email and we will make it up to you with either a free gift or a coupon code. There are often many delays during the festive season, and while we always strive to get your items to you on time, we can't always guarantee it.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, there may be some delays on orders, but we are still open for business as usual!

Please do not panic if your package does not show up immediately on the tracking site, it’s on its way. Please feel free to contact us at for tracking information or simply track it using this website here:


First of all, you may always contact us to find out about the status of your item.

Bear in mind, if you are ordering from countries other than America, Europe or Australia, your item can take between 2-4 weeks for delivery, and the local postal services we partner with may not offer package tracking service. So if we are unable to provide you with tracking, and if after 4 weeks you still have not received the item, we will be happy to provide you with a full refund or send you a replacement. No questions asked!

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